Composite Doors

lifestyle-composite-doors-brochure_Page_06_Image_0002Making the right choice of front door for your home can be difficult, as the entrance tends to be the focal point, as any visitor will tell you. The style and colour of your door can have a dramatic effect on the first impression of your home.

In the past, homeowners have been limited by the materials available, restricted between timber and PVCu, one being difficult to maintain, the other quite bland in design.

The Ultimate Composite door collection opens up a whole new world of design and choice for your home, giving you the beauty of timber with the benefits of advanced GRP & PVCu with none of the drawbacks. The Ultimate Composite door will meet all of your requirements for Style, Colour, Security and adhering to all the latest building regulations.


With the constant threat of crime in most areas, security has become a major factor in the choice of doors for homes. One home in the UK is broken into on average every 37 seconds, and with 67% of all burglaries attempted through a door; it is vital you make the right choice.

download-brochureThe Ultimate Collection of composite doors are made from a very durable GRP slab, which has been tested to the rigorous PAS 023/024 standards for enhanced security. All of the collection comes with the latest high security Multi-point locking systems and the option of the latest antibump, anti-snap, anti-pick key cylinder from Yale, so there are no weak points. The Ultimate collection has been manufactured to such a high standard that it has been awarded the Secure by Design stamp of approval by the Official Police Security Initiative.


With the advent of new building regulations and the ever-rising cost of fuel to heat your home, good insulation is another major factor to bear in mind. Research has shown up to 15% of the total heat loss in a home is through ill-fitting external doors, which will have an effect on your heating bills.

The solid Polyurethane core of our doors give superior heat insulation compared with standard PVCu and timber doors. The glazing in the Ultimate Collection is at minimum double-glazed, incorporating features such as argon gas filling and highly thermal efficient spacer bars, whilst many of the advanced triple glazed units provide even greater efficiency. All the components within the Ultimate door including the frame are designed to give a complete weather seal, eliminating drafts and heat loss from your home. When you make your choice, you know that your new door will be eco-friendly.


The Ultimate Collection covers the most popular styles of door whether you are a traditionalist, or prefer a more contemporary feel.

If you are looking for that distinctive entrance to your home while retaining the feel of timber, without the endless maintenance associated with a traditional timber door, the Ultimate Collection has the answer.

Whatever you choose, the high-definition embossing of the GRP skins gives a real wood effect and feel, and comes complete with a 10 year surface guarantee, the only maintenance it will require is a quick wipe down, no more painting or varnishing.


One size does not fit all, that’s why the Ultimate collection covers all styles of traditional and contemporary doors, helping you to make your own unique entrance.

Every Ultimate Composite door is custom made to your requirements, with a choice of 7 colours, 17 glazing options and 22 glass ranges, the possibilities will add up to thousands. There are many reasons why our range is called The Ultimate Collection, choice is just one of them.

Whichever combination you choose, the Ultimate Composite door will enhance your home with its elegant styling and will be a welcoming entrance for your visitors that you can be proud of for many years.