Electric Roller Blinds – Lifestyle’s Bespoke Electrical Blinds

interiorthumb02-ukLifestyle’s stylish and elegant electric roller blinds are the perfect addition to any interior. Tailor-made for your home, they are guaranteed to complement any bi-fold door or window. Choose your size, cassette colour, fabric, how many blind panels you want and power source (battery or mains operated) and leave the rest to us.

Our electric roller blinds offer the ultimate in opulence. Fully bespoke and manafactured to fit any door or window, they’re remotely operate by wireless hand-held control or wall-mounted touch screen. With indoor sensors they can even be programmed to open and close at dusk or dusk for reduced energy bills and added security. Select from our full range of blackout rated fabrics below; request fabric samples – or configure and order your Lifestyle blinds today.

fitting-blinds-ukThe Ultimate in Style

Lifestyle’s electric roller Blinds are a luxurious, practical way of dressing your bi-fold doors or windows.

When up, the Blinds are hidden in a discreet aluminium cassette, and when down, they create a beautiful backdrop to your home. Be inspired by our huge range of colours, textures, patterns and finishes, along with transparency and blackout options, and find a style that suits your home perfectly.

remotecontrollrg-euroBlinds to suit any space

Lifestyle’s motorised roller Blinds are completely bespoke; tailored specifically to your Bi-fold Doors and Windows, even if they’re not Lifestyle’s.

When your Blinds aren’t in use, they will be tucked away in a sleek cassette. The cassette can be installed either inside or outside of the recess, offering a flexible solution to give your home that desired finishing touch.

interiorthumb01-ukThere are over 150 different RAL colours on offer for the cassette, including authentic woodgrain effects. We can match the colour of the cassette to your doors or windows or you can choose a contrasting shade – the choice is yours.

Our extensive fabric collection gives you the freedom to choose from an exciting array of colours and fabrics including plains, patterns and voiles. Ranging from the elegant simplicity of Ivory and Champagne in our Regency Stripe range to the bold and bright Fuchsia and Purple of the Carnival range, and with different levels of translucency, your options are limitless.

You can view the fabric collection here or at our showroom. If you’d like a sample of any of our fabrics or cassette colours, just let us know and we’ll send them through the post to you to help you decide.

interiorthumb03-ukWhy choose blinds?

Bi-fold Doors create a wonderful sense of space in the home and matching electric Blinds add both a smart finishing touch and provide a practical way to enhance your home’s privacy and easily adapt to changes in light levels and weather conditions.

When your Blinds are open, you can enjoy panoramic views of your garden without obstruction; close your Blinds and your room will instantly become a cosy, private retreat. Roller Blinds will give you complete control over the light levels in your room at the touch of a button, protecting your home from direct sunlight, with options including different translucency levels and blackout blinds.

An electric roller Blind from Lifestyle even allows you to specify how many blinds panels you want in an overall width. For example, if you have a 3 door set of bi-folds or 3 windows connected to one another, most people will opt to have one panel per door or window. Alternatively, you can have one blind panel which spans across them all (restrictions may apply on this).

Please note, however, that the maximum width per panel is different for each fabric range.

If you want the option of operating each blind panel individually, more motors may be required, so please contact us for more information.

blinds-guarantee-ukOur guarantee

For your peace of mind, we guarantee all of our Blinds for 5 years. All Lifestyle’s Blinds are free from component and assembly defects provided that such products are properly installed in a domestic environment. This guarantee is limited to the original purchaser, and is simple and straightforward with just a few obvious conditions and exclusions.

Safety features

icon-british-manufacturingWe’re always safety-conscious around the home which is why our electric roller Blinds don’t feature any chains or cords to help prevent accidents. If you go for the mains powered option, the wall mounted control is out of children’s reach too, adding another key safety feature to our Blinds (if you go for battery operated, this comes with a remote control).

Measuring for your Blinds

Lifestyle Blinds can easily be fitted onto existing bi-fold doors or windows.

Simply give us the overall measurements and the width of each individual door leaf/window pane if you are having a fabric panel per leaf/pane. You will also need to provide the drop height – this is how long you want the panels to be.

If you’ve had Lifestyle Doors fitted, the order process is even simpler – all we need is the order or serial number on your Doors or Windows and we can perfectly match the size of your roller Blinds.

Watch our video for tips on how to measure, and advice on the differences of measuring the inside or outside of the recess.


Fitting our motorised Blinds is simple, you can either ask a local handyman to fit them alongside your doors or windows, or you can fit them yourself using the instructions included.

Please note: a power supply is required to power the electric motor to operate the Blinds, and this will need to be installed by a professional electrician.