Our Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Key Benefits

  • The UK’s slimmest, most thermally efficient Aluminium roof system
  • Ultra slim roof lanterns to suit all domestic and commercial installations
  • Fully thermally broken Aluminium roof system
  • The UK’s strongest roof system
  • Minimalist, modern, contemporary design with ultra-low sightlines
  • No boss or hood
  • Hidden tie bars
  • Ideal for orangeries and lantern roofs
  • Clean low sight lines externally
  • Available in all RAL colours

atlas-the-mount-2The Best Looking Roofs

Join a rapidly growing number of homeowners across the UK enjoying the beauty, elegance and performance of our roofing solutions every day.

Lifestyle are leading the way in all aspects of glazed roof design, giving you the ultimate and unrivalled view from your home and extension with supreme aerial views. This combined with its industry leading thermal performance ensures you can use your conservatory/orangery 365 days a year.

Thinner Stronger Lighter

lifestyle-roof-lanterns_Page_02_Image_0004Less is definitely more. No clunky bars or supports cluttering the ridge. No thick, chunky profiles dominating the glazing.

Lifestyle’s unique system design is pure engineering magic. Super strong, light, 40mm aluminium box rafters create slim, elegant roof profiles with excellent thermal performance. Compared to conventional roofs sold by competitors, Lifestyle slashes the visible width and sightlines of rafters by 30% and the main feature ridge by 70%.

This unique design creates a feeling of MORE SKY – LESS ROOF giving you visible elegance to your roof design and appearance.

cross-image-smallTake a Closer Look

Sharp lines inside and low sightlines outside. More sky. Less roof. Whether you’re inside looking up, or outside looking enviously in, a Lifestyle roof puts any property in a class of its own.

Step under a Lifestyle roof and prepare to be amazed. Glazed units simply seem to float in the sky. The clean, sharp lines with minimum intrusion are possible thanks to the super slim 40mm rafter box profile. Unless it’s a Victorian style, there’s even no need for a boss or hood.


Visible Internal Elegance

The slimline thermally broken aluminium rafter sections have a sleek appearance that brings a stylish ambience and is pleasing to the eye, while maximising the use of light and space within your home.

lifestyle-roof-lanterns_Page_04_Image_0001Subtle and Stylish – Quality Finish

Low sightlines externally – From the outside, Lifestyle’s discreet design for rafter external caps and the slimline ridge are a world apart from the chunky, ugly conventional T-bar caps and ridges used by competitors.

By keeping sightlines low and unobtrusive, Lifestyle ensures even a large glazed roof structure won’t over dominate a plot.

All aluminium exterior coloured profiles are quality finished with powder coat paint, which is guaranteed to last.

Dual coloured roofs are also available as the exterior colour can be easily changed to achieve the exterior look you desire.

No Boss and Hoods

Looks and strength – Using the benefits of slimline technology Lifestyle have combined good looks, outstanding strength and intelligent detailing, to create one of the finest looking products available for conservatory and orangery installations.

The versatility of the aluminium box section rafters and creative design solutions have removed the requirements for outdated bulky hood covers on lantern roofs and Edwardians.

See for yourself the difference this makes.

lifestyle-roof-lanterns_Page_07_Image_0002More Sky Less Roof

The visual impact and exceptional clean appearance can only be achieved with the Lifestyle roof.

Have a closer look and the difference becomes crystal clear – More sky. Less roof!

Smarter Design

Choose from hidden, rafter or rod tie supports. Three Lifestyle roof construction options provide the perfect look roof for any property style or scheme.

Most competitors insist on a rod tie bar at eaves beam level, but not Lifestyle. A choice of hidden, rafter or rod tie supports provides the ultimate luxury and flexibility to create the roof you want.

Unrivalled strength

Extra strong rafters mean the tie bars can be set higher, guaranteeing excellent headroom and no intrusion into the living area. Even in large buildings the roof structure remains remarkably minimal, creating a sense of clear, free space under the eaves.

Increased roof strength means the design aesthetics and clear sightlines achievable using the slim Lifestyle profiles remain unmatched by any other manufacturer, creating a roof that can suit any dwelling.

Black and white exterior dayContemporary Schemes

Maximum impact, minimal intrusion – Turn a roof into a contemporary architectural feature.

The strength-to-weight ratio of Lifestyle aluminium profile offers dramatic roof spans without tie bars.

Minimal intrusion

Contemporary schemes often dictate minimal intrusion – for instance to maximise open-plan layouts and create high roof spaces. Large spans with Lifestyle can be achieved easily without the need for unsightly bolster bars.

Wide range of colours

The Lifestyle box rafter appearance, similar to a curtain walling system, is available in a range of RAL colours.

Traditional Schemes

The elegance to create a lasting impression – Classic proportions thanks to modern engineering. Create the appearance of a timber frame roof with a slimline profile.

A perfect match

Traditional schemes often feature timber frame conservatory builds. When foiled, the Lifestyle rafter system is almost impossible to distinguish from wood at-a-glance. In fact it’s so convincing that several timber company customers regularly fit Lifestyle roofs on their own timber frame conservatory builds.

Attention to detail

Fully featured aluminium roof rafter caps offer the appropriate finishing detail.

lifestyle-roof-lanterns_Page_10_Image_0001Warmer in Winter Cooler in Summer

Superior thermal performance – Why compromise excellent double or triple glazing performance? Choose the best insulated rafters in the industry with Lifestyle roof profile.

Twice as efficient

A U-Value (W/m2K) is simply a measure of heat loss from a building structure – for instance a roof, or a window and frame. A high U-Value means thermal insulation is poor whilst a low U-Value indicates a good thermal insulation.

As a glazed roof is made up of both glass and rafters, you want low U-Values from both. High performance glass is usually rated at 1.1 or 1.2 U-Value, but the value of roof rafters vary considerably. The Lifestyle rafter has a U-value of 1.5 W/m2k which is twice as thermally efficient as its nearest competitor (which is over 3).

When using doubled glazed Low e glass (U-value 1.1W/m2k) the overall Lifestyle roof has a U-value of as low as 1.2 W/m2k.

44mm Triple Glazing Available

The UK’s Most Thermally Efficient Roof System – The fundamental design features and the strength of the Lifestyle roof system, enables the roof structure to withstand additional loads, such as the introduction of triple glazing.

It has been well documented that to achieve the best thermal properties for triple glazing, the glazing cavity between the glass panes should be 16mm. This results in a 44mm triple glazed unit which has superior U-values, compared to 28mm or 36mm triple glazing.

The Lifestyle lantern and Lean-To has been designed to be glazed with 44mm units, which have a U-value as low as 0.6 W/m2k. The Lifestyle roof rafter U-value improves to 0.95 W/m2k when glazed with triple glazing. When using triple glazing Low e glass the Lifestyle roof has an overall U-value of as low as 0.7 W/m2k.

Lifestyle Accessories – Designed to Integrate


Single bay roofvents have been designed to match the roofs slimline appearance and are ideally positioned for ventilation.

Double roofvents are more commonly seen on older traditional conservatories. The roofvent is capable of spanning up to 1600mm wide. Both roofvents can be supplied with either a manual opener or an electrical opener.

Aluminium Portal frames

The portal frames are made from high tensile aluminium sections and are 59mm x 110mm in size.

The portals have been designed to integrate with the Lifestyle roof system and provide a cost effective solution on large span conservatories. They are available in different powder coated colours.

lifestyle-roof-lanterns_Page_12_Image_0001Your Style Our Style

We can create anything you desire with our style of production. The combination of good design and precise engineering means that Lifestyle can be fitted in almost every conceivable setting.

A Lifestyle roof’s flexibility and individuality ensures that style and detail are chosen and matched for each project.

A replacement roof, a traditional farmhouse conservatory where rafter centres are small or a modern design with large glass areas – the Lifestyle roof will be manufactured to your exact specifications and bespoke for each individual site.


No project too complex. The Lifestyle roofing system can also be utilised on Commercial projects. Over the years the roof has been used on a number of prestigious projects including hotels, schools, restaurants and hospitals, as well as listed and heritage buildings.

Working closely with architects, our highly experienced design team are able to provide detailed drawings and specifications for the most complex of projects.