PVC Vertical Sliders

Vertical sliding sash windows are renowned for their classic design and elegant appearance. Whether you live in a period property or a more modern house, vertical sliders can add a touch of traditional charm to your home.

Originally, sash windows were manufactured using timber; however this material presents many problems to homeowners when not maintained properly including rotting, rattling, peeling and draughtiness. To combat these problems, window companies started manufacturing vertical sliding sash windows using uPVC. As well as being a more cost effective option, uPVC vertical sliders meant homeowners could have windows installed that kept the original style of a timber sash, but had all the low-maintenance benefits of modern uPVC. However, not all uPVC vertical sliders are of the quality needed for a truly authentic timber sash look. Many lack the attention to detail and care during the production process that is needed for a long lasting quality installation.

The Rose Collection is a premium range of uPVC vertical sliding sash windows that are specifically designed to replicate the original design features of traditional timber box sash windows. Whether you are looking to replace your existing timber frames or wish to have new windows installed entirely, the Charisma and Heritage Rose collection will give you all the performance benefits of uPVC whilst being virtually indistinguishable to timber.

Combining high-performing modern functionality with the traditional charm and character of an original timber sash window, Heritage, Charisma and Ultimate Rose are the premium collection of uPVC vertical sliding sash windows.

With over 25 years’ manufacturing experience built in, Charisma, Heritage and award winning Ultimate Rose sash windows have been carefully crafted to give your home the stunning look of authentic sashes while being easy to use and maintain, and offering enhanced security and energy efficiency.

Whether you live in a traditional or contemporary property, the Heritage, Charisma and Ultimate Rose sash windows will enhance your home and offer years of trouble free enjoyment.