Timber Box Sash Sliding Windows With Weights & Pulleys

timber_box_sash_sliding_window_with_weights_and_pulleysOur box sash slider with weights & pulleys uses a timber section size that is designed to replicate the traditional vertical sliding window allowing for double-glazed units

The below specification details our traditional box sash slider with weights & pulleys. Redesigned in early 2009 with a project brief to replicate existing vertical sliders with weights and pulleys with as much accuracy as possible, our new range has many improvements. Ball race pulley systems and English brass ironmongery help to create a smoothly operating durable product.

Ironmongery & Working Mechanism

Complete with sash lift handles and central sash ring together with locking fitch fasteners (subject to location of the trickle vent) our ironmongery is available in solid brass or chrome.

Operating on sash cords, ball race pulleys and sash weights, our sash slider with weights & pulleys also has the facility to restrict the opening to 100mm which is provided using a twist lock positioned to allow the sash to open 100mm. Additional security can be provided using a second twist lock but this option is not available with internal horns.


The traditional box sash slider with weights & pulleys benefits from dry gasket glazed drained glazing rebates allowing any moisture ingress to ventilate to the outside. For high exposure areas, aluminium bottom beads can replace the traditional bottom beads and our internal teams are happy to advise to meet specific project solutions.

Weatherseal & Weather Rating

Based on the design principles of our box sash slider on spiral balances, the weights and pulleys version (although itself not tested) could be expected to achieve an exposure category of 2000+.

Energy Efficiency

We have certified test results for our timber box sash slider with weights & pulleys demonstrating its ability to achieve a whole frame U-Value of 1.5. We are currently re-simulating our windows as we have moved from a 20mm to a 24mm glass unit. This has the effect of improving the centre pane U-Value of the glass and therefore will also improve the whole frame, the results will be posted when available.

BS 7950 Security

Although not currently available, it is expected that this window will achieve the BS 7950 security standard in the near future.